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10:00am - 10:15am - Opening Remarks 

2021 Data Dream Finalists

Every year, Data You Can Use offers services to the winners of the Data Dream, a competition which helps groups move beyond limitations created by a lack of information or the capacity to interpret data already collected.  The 2021 Data Dream finalists will be announced here prior to Data Day and the four winners will be announced live at the event! 

Eras Senior Network, Inc.

Eras Senior Network Inc. supports and engages senior and family caregivers to lead meaningful lives. They serve seniors and families in both Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.

Eras' Data Dream is to create neighborhood-specific data profiles to guide their client and volunteer recruitment efforts in Milwaukee County, with the ultimate goal of building awareness in the community, increasing services for older adults by using data to guide targeted outreach efforts, and creating a neighborhood-based approach to their work.

JobsWork MKE

JobsWork MKE's mission is to prepare and encourage motivated individuals living in poverty in the City of Milwaukee to achieve economic self-sufficiency through sustainable employment. They serve individuals coming primarily from Milwaukee's north side neighborhoods that have the highest poverty and unemployment levels in the city.

JobsWork MKE's Data Dream is to understand and quantify the annual cost of living in poverty in Milwaukee, both to individuals and to the greater community. This analysis would include direct government benefits (Food Share, etc) as well as indirect costs of poverty

(addiction, crime, etc.)

Metcalfe Park Community Bridges, Inc.

Metcalfe Park Community Bridges, Inc. (MPCB) is building a robust and thriving Metcalfe Park neighborhood in which residents are safe, connected to each other and the community; provided access to educational, economic and civic engagement-related opportunities; and a community that celebrates the diversity and culture of the area.

MPCB is currently working to establish Metcalfe Park Rising, Butterfly Park, and a new neighborhood Youth Art Park as fully accessible, safe and family and youth friendly parks.  MPCB and residents witness significant traffic problems, including traffic accidents, at or near each of these parks on a daily basis. MPCB's  Data Dream is to be able to gather and track

traffic data and accidents reports and to develop an app

that can be used by MPCB and residents to access this


Riverworks Development Corporation

Riverworks Development Corporation drives social and economic development by aligning residents and businesses with specialized resources that strengthen Harambee, Riverwest and surrounding communities. Riverworks envisions a vibrant and diverse community of residents, businesses, and stakeholders who jointly create and maintain a prosperous neighborhood and quality of life.

Riverworks' Data Dream is to better understand the impact of small business development on individuals and the Harambee neighborhood's well-being overall. Given the pandemic's impact on bricks and mortar businesses, Riverworks aims to look beyond the commercial districts and better understand who is operating small businesses, what types of businesses are present in Harambee,
at what scale they are operating, and how these small businesses affect the

movement of wealth within the community. 

Southside Organizing Center (SOC)

Southside Organizing Center (SOC) is a neighborhood-based organization dedicated to the development and sustainability of Milwaukee’s near south side neighborhoods. SOC works with and for residents to create a safe, livable, and economically vibrant community.

SOC's Data Dream is to analyze census data to see what has changed in the neighborhoods they work in since the last census. Based on this analysis, SOC would like to determine if their service boundaries should change to best support Milwaukee's Latino/a/x residents, and particularly the low-income population on Milwaukee's south side. This information will be used as part of SOC's upcoming strategic plan.

United Community Center/Centro de la Comunidad Unida (UCC)

United Community Center/Centro de la Comunidad Unida (UCC) provides programs to Hispanics and south side residents, of all ages, in the areas of education, cultural arts, recreation, community development, health and human services.

UCC's Data Dream is to create a user-friendly and sustainable data collection system that can be standardized and used agency-wide to capture and measure unmet health and social needs among the clients they serve. Their goal is to better understand the social determinants of health that can be impacted through their programs and to measure the impact of those interventions.

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