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10:00am - 10:15am - Opening Remarks 

2020 Data Dream Applicants

Every year, Data You Can Use offers services to the winners of the Data Dream, a competition which helps groups move beyond limitations created by a lack of information or the capacity to interpret data already collected.  The 2020 Data Dream finalists will be announced here prior to Data Day and the four winners will be announced live at the event! 

Dominican Center

The Dominican Center works with Amani residents and partners to build a better future. Dominican Center serves as neighborhood convener supporting resident-led change in the Amani neighborhood. Over the past 25 years, the role of the Dominican Center has shifted from an organization that provides services to one that also convenes partners together with residents in support of its priority areas of safety; housing and economic development; and education and family well-being. Their data dream is to be able to match the resources offered in Amani for residents to address basic needs, health disparities, and areas of equity gaps and the actual needs of the residents that live there.

Historic Martin Luther King Drive BID

The mission of the Historic King Drive BID is to improve and revitalize the district and bring investment and new businesses to the area. They provide services, information and resources to prospective and existing investors, sponsors, property owners and business owners. These specialty incentives include: aesthetics, events, marketing, tenant recruitment, funding and many more. Their Data Dream is to have all the information needed to achieve zero-vacancy: no vacant land, no vacant buildings.


Lead2Change is a career-readiness organization that engages young people in leadership opportunities and equips them with essential tools to be successful in college, their career and the community. Young people who experience our programs enter the postsecondary world confident and clear about their career  interests and their position in the ever-evolving workforce. Their data dream is to show the return on investment to corporations who invest in career readiness training for high school students.    

New Concept Self Development Center

New Concepts is a visionary group committed to change, working to motivate, educate and empower our community to meet the challenges of the future. New Concept's mission is "To preserve families and protect children while promoting self sufficiency." Their data dream is to have a proper tool for tracking inquiries from potential participants, an accurate demographic image of program participants, results of participant program completion and goal attainment, and the frequency in which individuals return for additional services offered.

Northwest Side CDC

NWSCDC's mission is to create jobs, build partnerships and strengthen communities. They pursue these goals with three programs: business development and lending, community organizing, and green infrastructure. Overall, they are working to empower residents and businesses in their service area to become local leaders. Their data dream is to gather information needed to expand their impact through homeownership initiatives and better opportunities for youth to see their full potential.

Pearls for Teen Girls

PEARLS improves the quality of life and strengthens the community one girl at a time by empowering young women with self-development tools, guidance, and support to strive for better, brighter futures by living out PEARLS values: Personal Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Respect, Leadership, and Support. Their data dream is to draw insights from their existing data and determine what new data is needed, in order to strengthen and streamline programs for an even bigger impact on the girls they serve.

Project Return

Project RETURN exists to help men and women who have experienced incarceration make a positive, permanent return to community, family and friends. Project RETURN’s staff collectively have over 65 years of service to clients with the organization. Programs offered address direct needs of those they serve, reducing barriers to increase the prospects of success and lower the chances of recidivism. They know through day-to-day work and through research that housing, healthcare and employment are serious impediments to an individual's successful re-entry from incarceration. Their data dream is to have empirical evidence of how many of the approximately 2,700 people returning to Milwaukee County from incarceration have these needs. This data would assist with funding resources and public policy initiatives.

Revitalize Milwaukee

Revitalize Milwaukee is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose goal is to preserve affordable housing and revitalize vulnerable neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. They are the largest provider of free home repairs to eligible homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin. Their mission is to preserve affordable housing and transform communities by providing free, critical home repairs and comprehensive services to low-income veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities. Revitalize Milwaukee gathers a great deal of data on their homeowners’ demographics and geographic locations.Their data dream is to identify trends and tell more vivid stories about the families they serve.

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